The Signature Real Estate Companies Offers Hope to Bahamian Survivors

All “spaghetti models” Labor Day weekend veered a Category 5 Hurricane Dorian toward the Southeastern U.S., staring down the Florida peninsula. While South Florida was spared significant widespread loss, nearly 100 percent of the Bahamian people are in need of some sort of housing and other help. A staggering 45 percent of housing alone has been reported lost to this merciless storm.

The Signature Real Estate Companies has ramped up its disaster-relief efforts, with its philanthropic arm, Signature Gives Back, Inc. 501(c)(3) (“SGB”), as it’s done in years past with Hurricanes Maria and Irma, when it subsidized the housing for two families in South Florida for a full year.

“The monstrosity of this particular hurricane to our Bahamian neighbors has given us pause. The Signature Family stands strong with our friends and family in The Bahamas. SGB and Signature want to help provide them safe housing options, access to medical care and ample food supplies,” says SGB President & Principal of The Signature Real Estate Companies, Ben G. Schachter.

The Signature Real Estate Companies’ (all 24 brokerages) are making good on its promises. Agents have already collected more than 10,000 pounds of supplies, raised more than $5,000 in cash from its #BahamasStrong bracelets, and---through its connections with B’nai Torah Synagogue and the Huntington Lakes community---delivered by private boats and airplane these supplies to ease the burden of recovery for its Bahamians neighbors just 50 miles from the Florida shore. It has elicited other South businesses to join the recovery efforts, including The Flamingo Lady Nails, LLC---which will provide 25 percent of all sales until September 22, 2019---whose owner, Rachel Bierman, says, “That [destruction] could have been us. We must help our neighbors.”

As one of the fastest-growing private companies in America (2019 Inc. 5000), The Signature Real Estate Companies has an unrivaled sphere of influence, and connections of all types through its Vendor Affiliate Program especially. Why is this of importance?

“Re-homing the influx of Bahamians seeking refuge in the U.S., is a mighty task. We have the resources available to get these families the help needed to acclimate to America,” adds Schachter.

“Through Signature Gives Back, our agents are required to devote volunteer hours each year in our communities as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative. In doing so, we’ve prepared our more than 1,100 agents to assist in finding our Bahamian population much more than temporary housing.”

Signature Gives Back, Inc. continues sales of its rubber custom-designed bracelets #BahamasStrong at $5 each,1,000 of which are -being distributed from their headquarters at 901-C Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487. Corporate Headquarters has also served as a drop-off site for clean clothing and unused hurricane supplies and will continue to do so until further notice.

Signature Gives Back remains the most efficient way to help with your tax-deductible donation at To place your order for #BahamasStrong bracelets, please email your name to Signature Gives Back continues to “be the change you wish to see in this world,” says Schachter. “The road to recovery is long, but we are up for the challenge.”